Below are several of the many brand sites designed by the

( Logo + theme + website + copywriting ) 

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Accelerated Analytical is a full service Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry testing facility. Their entire brand was in need of modernizing, and their logo and entire web scheme was recreated.

There are many cannabis brands on the market, but none are like Rewind. This brand was designed from scratch by the Brand Chemist: name, tag, color scheme, personality, product line, and web presence to show off its “retro 1990” vibe.

Less than 90% of websites are accessible to people with certain disabilities. ADA Web Pros was created to help companies become compliant. Everything was designed from the ground up: name, color scheme, logo, tag, website.

A sibling company to Accelerated Labs, Accelerated Clinical is also based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After the launch of their new rebrand and website, they received the government contract to offer millions of people, including school children in Wisconsin COVID testing services.

Based in Nashville, Music City Botanicals needed a vibe that set it apart from California and Colorado. The Brand Chemist was tasked with creating a logo, colorscheme, packaging concepts, and website – including copywriting.

As one of the premier Real Estate agencies in SWFL, The Krise Real Estate group needed a look and a presence that demonstrated their prowess over the industry.