The Chemist

Christopher Gregg Fous

“Without doubt, my passion is breathing life and personality into a company’s image. Early in my career, a client referred to me as their “brand chemist” and the moniker stuck – to this day. It’s what I believe brand design is: alchemy. Part science, part art, part magic. I’ve had a passionate love-affair with design my whole life, and have been lucky enough to bask in a vast world of clientele, from the corporate collateral of Morgan Stanley, to the bizarre and fantastical conception and branding of a massive, decade-long annual Zombie-themed charity street festival topping over 30,000 attendees in its final year. I can’t help but want to reshape the mundane into something magnetic. I am a father, a husband, a friend and an imagineer, cursed with the desire to create, and thankfully blessed with the ability to do so.”

T H E   P A S T   D E C A D E :   A   W O R L D C L A S S   B R A N D

“On Earth Day, 2013, two great friends and I launched an eco-friendly oral care company: WooBamboo. I handled the Creative Department for almost a decade, until its acquisition in 2022/23. In that time, our products were sold in over 35 counties and 30,000+ stores worldwide. Kroger, CVS, Costco, Albertsons, Safeway, and Disney are just several brands that trusted and sold our products. I was in charge of the entire brand design and management, both US and world-wide, including all tradeshow events, web content, social media exposure, and PR. With the future of the company and its products no longer in my hands, I am on to the next adventure.”